50-99人 Company size: 50-99 people
私营 Company Nature: Private
Company Industry: Construction / Building Materials
  • Salary treatment:   5000-10000
  • 不限 Educational requirements: unlimited
    母线槽工程师 Position: Busway Engineer
  • 5年以上 Working years: 5 years or more
    5人 Number of recruits: 5
  • contact details:   ( Mr. Zhou)
job requirements:

1.Familiar with the entire production process of busway

2. Familiar with busbar manufacturing process, measurement, design, production and installation experience for more than 5 years;

3. Strong communication and coordination ability (with customers) and sense of work responsibility;

4. Possess rich electrical knowledge, familiar with various standards and specifications of the busway industry;

5. Have an in-depth understanding of busway measurement, design, and installation specifications.

6, understand the busway installation, commissioning is preferred.

7, proficiency in CAD drawing is preferred.

  • 经理5000-10000元,业务员3000+提成 Salary: 5000-10,000 yuan for manager, 3000+ commission for salesperson
  • 不限 Educational requirements: unlimited
    业务经理,业务员 Recruitment position: business manager, salesman
  • 1-2年 Working years: 1-2 years
    业务经理1人,业务员10人 Number of recruits: 1 business manager, 10 salespersons
  • contact details:   ( Mr. Zhou)

The company mainly sells cable trays and busway products. The target customers are generally construction sites, new plant buildings and supporting cables

Job responsibilities:

1. Visit the construction site to find distributors and customers;

2. Collection of customer information;

3. Product promotion and completion of sales tasks;

4. Sign the contract;

5. Place production orders;

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